On the corner of Gay and High St., our store is in the heart of the commercial and cultural renaissance downtown. 

It’s a labor of love and of necessity. As the only men’s boutique in downtown Columbus, we strive to bring a fresh yet classic experience the likes of which have not been seen between Chicago and New York. A city of 1.8 million in the metro area, a massive young professional population, and a thirst for genuine and engaging brands, Flying Gent Mercantile has set out to cater to the modern gentleman with a one of a kind experience and world class products. For a modern gent deserves only the best.


Gentleman's Joe


Adding to the undeniable downtown experience that is Flying Gent, we have partnered with our good friends and business soul mates Cafe Brioso.  Their brand experience is as perfect as the steaming hot mugs of coffee they serve every single day. They took drinking coffee back to the basics. Focusing on exceptional service, food, coffee, and atmosphere. If your looking for a chain brand cup of coffee, this isn't it. Brioso takes you back to a time where your bartender knew your what you were drinking and your mailman knew your name (without looking on the envelope). Not to mention the fact that their coffee is EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD.

So come and enjoy a cup of the best coffee in the Mid West then shop at the best new men's boutique around.  

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